Why I Am a Democrat

I am a wife, a mother, an environmentalist, a vegetarian, and a Democrat. And I’m a Mormon.

I wasn’t always a Democrat by affiliation, but I think I’ve had Democrat leanings my whole life, just like I’ve had a testimony of the LDS Church my whole life. The only time I feel conflict between my political beliefs and my religious beliefs is when other people create the conflict. I’ve found that it’s a cultural thing, not a doctrinal thing.

I am a Democrat because I believe in agency. As a Mormon, I live the Word of Wisdom, but I don’t have the right to force my dietary restrictions on other people. I believe I would have a very hard time aborting a child even if it threatened my life, but I have no right to make that terrible decision for someone else. I have a testimony of The Family: A Proclamation, but I am happy for my gay friends when they are able to make decisions that make them happy. The prophets have a responsibility to warn society of negative consequences. I have the responsibility to be a good friend and neighbor, and the message of the Church is a gospel of love.

I am a Democrat because I believe in responsibility. While we all have our agency, there are consequences for our actions. I believe in restrictions that protect people from those consequences. We have laws and restrictions about driving to protect everyone involved. We should likewise have laws and restrictions on guns and gun sales to protect everyone involved. One aspect of responsibility that truly affects everyone is the way we treat our planet. This earth is a gift, and the Lord gave us stewardship over it. Proper stewardship requires that we protect the earth so that we can have healthy and happy lives. When factories belch so many particulates into the air that breathing is equivalent to smoking, my agency has been taken away from me; I have taken care of my lungs my whole life, and when the air is filthy, I am forced to breathe the polluted air or I will die.

I am a Democrat because I believe in compassion. Compassion for people fleeing their situation because they’ve run out of options. Compassion for people who are working but aren’t making enough money to live on. Compassion for people who are trying to make a better life for themselves but need a leg up in order to do it. In an ideal world, nonprofit organizations could help everyone in need. ¬†Unfortunately, there aren’t enough organizations to go around. In some cases, the government is in the best situation to help. Just because they don’t do it perfectly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try.

All of these points are supported by the gospel. The Brethren have stated repeatedly that truth can be found in all major political parties. I don’t agree with every facet of of the Democratic platform, but I don’t know anyone who agrees with every facet of either party. Eight years ago, I took a good look at the values of both parties and found that the values of the Democratic Party most match mine. And while I don’t agree with everything our current president has done, I still believe that he was the best choice for our country both terms. I am proud to be an LDS Democrat.


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